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January 26, 2023

What’s New in Orchestry (January 2023)

We kicked off 2023 and the month of January with a bang – thanks to our wonderful Partners and Customers, we are solidifying our product roadmap for 2023 with a focus on some incredible features and functionality many of you, no doubt, will find incredibly useful.

In January, we put together many informative blog articles sharing our expertise in auditing and cleaning up your M365 environment, because there is no greater feeling than starting off a new year with an organized M365 tenant, free of inactive, ownerless, abandoned, and redundant workspaces. Last, but most certainly not least, we welcomed a new partner to our team. Read our summary of all the Orchestry happenings in the month of January!

Our 2023 product roadmap is taking shape!


In December Orchestry hosted its first Annual Orchestravaganza – an exclusive Orchestry Partner & Customer event aimed at gathering their feedback on the Orchestry features they hope we devote our time to developing in 2023.

Here are some initial findings, that will help us shape the brilliant product roadmap for 2023:

Top Rated Features Ideas from Orchestravaganza

  1. Two Stage Archival of workspaces (Teams, SharePoint team, and communication sites)
  2. Channel-based Templating
  3. Channel-based Archival
  4. Externally Shared Links report added to Guest Management features
  5. Undo the Archive of workspaces and channels
  6. Onboarding Wizard

Top Areas of Focus for Orchestry this Year

  1. “Archival 2.0”: Including two-stage archival, undo archive, the ability to archive or delete, and a new status for “No Response Received” when an archiving notification sent to workspace owners goes unactioned.
  2. Workspace Templates: Additional pre-built workspace templates ready to use in your organization
  3. Improved Guest Management: New and improved features to get a deeper understanding of what your guests have access to and the power to take remediating action
  4. Scaling the Product: Adding support for Multi-Geo, more languages, and larger organizations
  5. Guided Assistance: New native features to quickly assess the state of your environment and take immediate action, as well as in-product guidance

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Orchestry kicks off the year with a M365 clean-up month


In January, we focused on putting together and sharing with you many useful resources that will help you start off the new year with a clean M365 environment. Here is a summary of all the great articles and a webinar we hosted this month:


  • Microsoft Teams sprawl: What it is and how to avoid it? – a blog article that covers what Microsoft Teams sprawl is, what are some of the contributing factors and how it can be addressed and reduced.

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  • Eliminating Microsoft Teams Sprawl: A Comprehensive Audit Guide – every M365 Admin’s ultimate step-by-step guide to performing an audit of the M365 environment to identify all inactive, abandoned, redundant, and ownerless Teams & SharePoint sites to ultimately rid your tenant of sprawl.

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  • How much is Microsoft Teams sprawl costing your organization? – Your Microsoft 365 environment sprawling (or growing, if we look on the bright side!) out of control after deployment may seem like a manageable issue, but have you ever wondered how much it is costing your company annually? Spoiler alert – there are many hidden costs you may not have considered, and an overall cost is a 6-digit number!

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  • How to reduce Microsoft Teams sprawl by 75% in 4 easy steps using Orchestry – a blog that demonstrates in action how with the help of Orchestry, you can not only immediately identify a potential sprawl issue in your tenant, but also automatically implement mechanisms, including controlled self-service provisioning, renewal & archival workflows to prevent sprawl from ever occurring again.

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  • New Year New M365 – in January Orchestry’s own Director of Partner and Customer Success and M365 MVP Joy apple alongside our Director of Product Delivery David Francoeur hosted a webinar dedicated to identifying tools that can help you perform a health check of your M365 environment. In this information-packed session, they discussed the different out-of-the-box reporting options available in M365 and did a live demonstration of Orchestry’s powerful insights features. Watch this webinar on-demand to learn more!

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A new partner joins Orchestry


Orchestry partner team is growing again and we are beyond pleased to announce our partnership with Storm Technology.

Storm Technology is a leading Irish provider of business technology consultancy services that focuses on driving client success through a meaningful technology change, and they are endeavoring to strengthen governance, adoption, and productivity in Microsoft 365 with the help of Orchestry.

Learn more about this partnership in our press release.

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