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November 1, 2022

Microsoft MVP Joy Apple joins Orchestry team as the Director of Partner & Customer Success

It’s no secret that Orchestry is always looking for ways to bring more value to its customers and partners and we are beyond pleased to announce that a seasoned Microsoft MVP Joy Apple is joining Orchestry team as the Director of Partner & Customer Success.

Who is Joy Apple?

Joy Apple is an information technologist who has been working with Microsoft products and technologies since 2008.
During her time as a SharePoint/Microsoft 365 consultant and trainer, Joy has had the opportunity to work with three of the branches of the US Armed Forces, several government agencies, and many Fortune 500 companies. She is a contributing author for several SharePoint publications and has received certifications for both Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist and Customer Immersion Experience Facilitator.

As a seasoned information technologist and a Microsoft MVP, Joy strives to ensure technology is implemented with a purpose-driven, “human-first” approach. Teaching is one of Joy’s passions, she finds personal and professional fulfillment volunteering in the Microsoft Community, speaking, and educating others on best practices for success with Microsoft 365. 

You may be familiar with Joy from her self-hosted “Joy of SharePoint” webinar series.


What is Joy hoping to bring to Orchestry?

Joy has always had a passion for people using technology. She feels it’s a technologist’s job to make work life better for everyone within the organization with the tools they implement and support. With the massive and necessary adoption of Microsoft Teams over the last few years, it’s become clear that people need help. Organizations need help not just with the implementation and administration of Microsoft Teams, but with day-to-day usage of tools that make Teams intuitive and compliant with the organization’s internal policies.

That’s where Joy believes she will have the biggest impact at Orchestry: helping customers and partners make Teams adoption and usage successful by making Teams a powerful yet easily managed tool that aids in the business users’ daily collaboration, enables governance to be a “living, breathing” piece of information architecture, and eases the overhead for IT departments.

Interesting facts about Joy

You may be surprised to learn that Joy went to college on Drama & Theater scholarship, but the glamour and shine of the IT world lured her away, eventually.

Joy is a proud mother of 3 furry companions: 2 dogs – Sasha and Finn, and 1 cat – Dorian Gray.

When Joy isn’t working with the Orchestry team, speaking, or writing as the “Joy of SharePoint,” she can probably be found at a music venue or the newest fun spot in Tulsa, Oklahoma or she’s traveling with her husband, Stewart who’s probably telling her to log off Teams. 

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