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March 14, 2022

Realty Company Modernizes Project Management with Orchestry

Maine Source Homes is a custom home and realty company that was looking for a simple, easy-to-use solution for collaborating and managing projects. In partnership with Sympraxis Consulting, Orchestry’s solution remodeled Maine Source Homes’ experience with Microsoft 365.

Providing a Solution in Partnership with Sympraxis Consulting

Sympraxis Consulting is a team of Microsoft MVPs and experienced professionals who create and configure Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Azure solutions. The team at Sympraxis Consulting was working to fulfill the technical needs of Maine Source Homes to better manage their customer workflows and achieve their project goals. It was important that the proposed solution met the following objectives:

  • It had to be user-friendly: The Maine Source Homes team didn’t have much technical experience, making a user-friendly, high-adoption solution a must.
  • It had to be easy to manage: Maine Source Homes operates with a small but mighty team, which made it important to ensure they could manage the day-to-day solution in-house without requiring a new hire.
  • Accessibility had to be at the core of the solution: The Maine Source Homes team works predominantly remotely and on the go, so it was vital for the solution to be accessible whenever and wherever required.

Orchestry - The Simple Solution

Orchestry’s Workspace Templates, Workspace Provisioning, and Transparent Governance capabilities were the perfect fit for Maine Source Homes.

Maine Source Homes’ customer workflows were previously managed in SharePoint by using subsites and breaking down an inheritance, but this was proving to be very complicated, and difficult to manage. Sympraxis rolled out six major templates to overhaul their initial ways. Let’s take a quick look at three of those revolutionary templates:


They were able to introduce a simple site structure with one template for home buyers and home sellers while creating a separate template for new build construction clients, powered by Orchestry.

sharepoint site for customer management
Image: Maine Source Homes' Customer Manager SharePoint Site

The templating capabilities within Orchestry were able to separate the different customer workflows from one another without creating any confusion or complicated overlaps.

With the help of Orchestry, Maine Source Homes centralized all client communications for tracking and compliance. Furthermore, Orchestry was able to facilitate a customer-facing extranet that surfaces MS Planner tasks so that customers can stay up to date with the progress of their new home build, included as part of the New Build Customer Team/Site.


Orchestry also powered the New Build Customer Team/Site Template created for each new build home project to manage, communicate and collaborate in a streamlined, centralized location.

new build customer site enabled with microsoft 365
Image: Customer Site Dedicated to New Build Projects.


Additionally, Sympraxis, in collaboration with Orchestry, created an Active Transaction Hub. This is a collection of four hub sites for each transaction status to move a site as each status is achieved.

sharepoint active transaction hub
Image: Seamless SharePoint Hub for Active Transactions.

The game-changing feature of Orchestry is its customization capabilities and efficiency with which it provisions Teams/Sites. Such characteristics make it a very pocket-friendly solution for big and small businesses alike. Therefore, Maine Source Homes was empowered to yield significant savings in time and money each time they provisioned a Customer Team/Site or Build Customer Team/Site using Orchestry. The cherry on top of all of this is the continued annual savings for Maine Source Homes as they go on to expand their client and employee base.

You can find the metrics on Maine Source Homes’ upfront and potential savings in our extensive case study.

Promoting Organizational Growth with Orchestry

By implementing Orchestry, customers experience a consistent digital workplace across Microsoft 365. The same was the case for Maine Source Homes as they received a standardized platform with SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Planner. This level of uniformity promoted growth within the organization, giving the Maine Source Homes team the freedom to expand on their core competencies and grow the team simultaneously. It has empowered Maine Source Homes to take control of their digital workplace, so they can communicate more efficiently, simplify customer workflows, and ultimately grow their business.

Although Maine Source Homes is a self-proclaimed non-technical organization, thanks to Orchestry, and the outstanding work of their technology partner Sympraxis Consulting, they are able to self-provision new teams/sites that fulfill all their requirements without relying on an external IT partner to undertake timely and costly custom development projects.

Work Made Simple in Microsoft 365 by Orchestry

Orchestry takes the heavy lifting off the shoulders of businesses, enabling them to work in a more seamless manner without major technological roadblocks. With improved internal communication, employees are encouraged to engage more with Microsoft tools and in turn, perform more efficiently than before.

Making Orchestry a part of your digital workplace gives organizations that extra boost that they need to achieve business success. For a more detailed insight into how Orchestry revolutionized the use of Microsoft 365 for Maine Source Homes while delivering on their objectives, do not miss our comprehensive customer case study.

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