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September 13, 2022

What’s New in Orchestry (September 2022)

We are always working on new features and improvements to the Orchestry platform to make sure that our customers are getting more and more value from Orchestry. This month we want to share some new amazing features, great improvements, and a bunch of pesky bugs that we have squashed!

Planner Provisioning Improvements

We know how much our users love Planner so we have put extra effort into ensuring that we have better support for Planner. From September Orchestry now supports the following:

  • All labels that are defined
  • The order of tasks is now preserved
  • The order of buckets is now preserved
  • Any attachments (and underlying content) will also be copied over

For those of you using complex Planner plans, we think that this will be a huge improvement.


So what does that mean for Orchestry users?

When creating a Team or a Group template, admins can now attach multiple Planner plans with predefined tasks (and their order!), planner buckets, labels, and task attachments. When a user requests this Group or Team template through a guided self-serve provisioning process, the Planner plan(s) will be automatically cloned to the new project as part of the request, with all of the elements and their order preserved.

This would otherwise require manual labor when using the out of the box Planner clone option, as the user would be required to find the correct plan that will work for their Workspace, then manually clone the plans one by one into the desired Group.

To learn more about using the full power of Microsoft 365 to manage projects, check out our on-demand webinar Using Microsoft Teams for Project Management – it offers a plethora of tips and best tools for the job.


Allow External Sending Option now available

Those of you who have been using Orchestry for some time probably know that due to a Microsoft 355 issue, the External Sending Option in Group settings was not available. You will be pleased to know that Microsoft has fixed the issue and this feature is now available to use again.

Orchestry API now Includes Requested 'Features'

The Orchestry API now returns features as part of our API. This opens up a whole range of possibilities for developers who can now use included ‘Features’ as a flag or trigger for specific actions within an attached PowerAutomate workflow. This creates endless opportunities for integration for both first and third party applications. For instance, a Feature could be added to Orchestry entitled “Asana Project” which could automate the provisioning and attaching of a new Asana Project to the new Team.



  • Property Bag Provisioning: Property bag provisioning is now improved for Managed Metadata. This will now allow you to use the SharePoint search engine to query SharePoint Property Bag values directly.
  • Planner Provisioning: If trying to provision multiple Planner Plans at once for a customer we had instances where we would be throttled by the Microsoft Graph. Now Orchestry is intelligent enough not to get throttled.
  • Channel Provisioning: If the provisioning of a Channel fails in the Graph API, the entire job will not fail.
  • Team Provisioning: We have observed error in the Graph API when creating a new Team frequently occurs and can cause a provisioning job to restart. This has now been fixed.
  • Archival Labels: Labels have now been aligned to ensure that they are consistent for Deletions.
  • Power Automate Integration: The workspace metadata issue is now resolved as well as being able to approve an Orchestry approval directly through Power Automate.


As always we continue to update, iterate and create amazing value for our customers. If you are interested in taking a closer look at Orchestry then please get in touch. We would love to hear from you 🙂


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