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April 25, 2023

What’s New in Orchestry (April 2022)

April has been yet another exciting month at Orchestry. We have released many wonderful updates and new features in the Orchestry platform and hosted a Microsoft 365 MVP appreciation event – Orchestry’s Women in Teams Happy Hour during the MVP Summit 2023.

Some noteworthy updates from the April release

Orchestry releases new features and platform updates


Orchestry’s development team was on fire in April and delivered yet another great release full of updates to the Orchestry platform, the UX, and the UI.

We will cover just a few to give you a taste of the attention to detail and constant focus on improving Orchestry’s functionality our development team shows each and every release.

More languages!

Some of you may know that Orchestry apps are available in multiple languages, including English, French, Norwegian, Dutch, German, Swedish, and, after the latest release also in Spanish and Portuguese!


Languages available in the Orchestry platform
Languages available in the Orchestry platform


Orchestry admins can now select all languages available to Orchestry users within the tenant (as many as they like) and the end users can easily switch out the language of their interface.

This means full localization, where every part of the Orchestry app is translated into the selected language, making it easier for your team members from any part of the world to effectively interact with the Orchestry app’s features and capabilities.

Teams activity feed notification for workspace approval

Some of you may be familiar with the powerful workspace provisioning engine Orchestry offers. If you want to learn more about it, check out this article.

Users of Orchestry are able to request a new workspace creation via Orchestry’s Workspace Request Wizard. If the request workflow includes an approval step, previously, assigned approvers would receive an email notification, as well as a notification within the Orchestry app that a new workspace needs approval.

Orchestry's Workspace approval workflow

With our latest release, we’ve added a super helpful Teams activity feed notification for approvers of the workspace, so they could quickly take action and get the workspace into the hands of those who need it to get their job done.

Subscribe M365 Group members to Group conversations and events

As many of you know, when a new Microsoft Team is created, a Group is created at the same time, and it comes with a Group inbox, as well as a Group calendar.

Orchestry’s powerful workspace template configuration options allow for a deep level of customization when it comes to the M365 Group options, SharePoint options, and more.

With our latest release, we’ve enabled the option to automatically subscribe all Team or SharePoint site members and Owners to Group conversations (emails sent via Group inbox), as well as Group events (shared calendar). This way every team member and owner will automatically receive a copy of the group conversations and event invites, without having to do to the Group inbox or Group calendar.

This ensures no communications are ever missed by the members of the Group and reduces the administrative burden on the Team and Group owners to disseminate information with all other Owners or members.


M365 Group communications and events subscription option
M365 Group communications and events subscription option

Orchestry Hosts Women in Teams Happy Hour at MVP Summit

Orchestry hosts Women in Teams Happy Hour at MVP Summit


This year’s Microsoft MVP Summit took place on April 18-20 at Microsoft’s Redmond Campus. Orchesty’s own CEO Michal Pisarek and Director of Partner & Customer Success Joy Apple are both MVPs, so naturally they were present at the event, getting to know other MVPs and celebrating 30 years of the MVP program.

As a thank you to all women in Teams, Orchestry put together an appreciation event at one of the local restaurants, attended by over 50 incredibly talented women and men of the M365 universe, Microsoft product managers, and MVPs.

All attendees got to partake in wonderful conversation, and each one of them walked away with a goody bag. The biggest hit was Orchestry’s own hot sauce, carrying the name and the picture of our mascot – Archie, who is the most handsome French Bulldog and a furry child of our CEO Michal.


Orchestry's Swag

Orchestry does a deep dive into M365 templates


In April, we focused on putting together and sharing with you many useful resources that will help you take advantage of M365 templates. Take a look at some of the blogs we shared this month and some of our older blogs that still hold to this day:


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