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How to Effectively Name, Organize, and Structure Microsoft Teams

Watch this webinar to learn how to implement an effective naming convention in Microsoft Teams.

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What’s in it for Me?

Microsoft Teams might seem easy at the start but if left unchecked you will experience the unruliness of the collaboration platform in no time.

Without a proper naming policy in place, coupled with effective governance that ensures it is adhered to, your employees spend more time searching than collaborating, which ultimately makes the platform a productivity killer.

Join 7X Microsoft MVP & Orchestry CEO, Michal Pisarek, to learn the best practices around Team, Channel, and Tab naming. See examples of effective naming conventions and find out the tabs and features that each Team should have.

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What You'll Learn
  • Know the basic rules for effectively naming teams and channels.
  • Uncover the best ways to organize channels and optimize each team.
  • Find your balance between more teams and fewer channels or vice versa.
  • Learn how Orchestry can enable systematic, self-service provisioning.
  • Unlock the Orchestry method to remediate a messy Teams deployment.



CEO & Janitor, Orchestry

Michal Pisarek

CEO & Janitor, Orchestry

Michal Pisarek

Seven-time Microsoft SharePoint MVP, former Co-Founder of Dynamic Owl Consulting and of BONZAI Intranet, this serial entrepreneur, international speaker, Office 365 thought leader, and former professional chef brings great depth of product, leadership, and user experience expertise to Orchestry, working with Fortune 500 companies to deliver maximum efficiency of their Microsoft 365 investments.

When Michal takes a day off occasionally, you will find him experimenting in the kitchen, inventing a new cocktail, or learning a new language while enjoying all Vancouver has to offer with his wife, daughter, and furry companion.