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Project Management in Microsoft 365: Identifying the Right Tools

Watch this webinar to learn ways in which you can efficiently manage projects across Microsoft 365.

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What’s in it for Me?

Project Management is vital to every business and Microsoft 365 is the comprehensive platform that facilitates this for your organization. Learn all about getting started with project management as quickly and efficiently as possible with Microsoft 365.

The vast capabilities of Microsoft 365 often leave users bewildered with choices, unable to pick the tool that is best suited for their business needs. To avoid any such confusion, join Orchestry CEO & 6X Microsoft MVP, Michal Pisarek, to learn from best practices that help you get started with project management promptly. You will not only be guided through the varied toolsets available for project management but will also be empowered to carve your own path to project management in Microsoft 365.

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What You'll Learn
  • Know what are the basic requirements and abilities for streamlined project management.
  • Get an overview of the tools within Microsoft 365 that facilitate powerful project management.
  • How each tool and its features help achieve your project management objectives.
  • Discover the Orchestry pre-configured Project Management Workspace Template for Microsoft 365.



CEO & Janitor, Orchestry

Michal Pisarek

CEO & Janitor, Orchestry

Michal Pisarek

Seven-time Microsoft SharePoint MVP, former Co-Founder of Dynamic Owl Consulting and of BONZAI Intranet, this serial entrepreneur, international speaker, Office 365 thought leader, and former professional chef brings great depth of product, leadership, and user experience expertise to Orchestry, working with Fortune 500 companies to deliver maximum efficiency of their Microsoft 365 investments.

When Michal takes a day off occasionally, you will find him experimenting in the kitchen, inventing a new cocktail, or learning a new language while enjoying all Vancouver has to offer with his wife, daughter, and furry companion.