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July 4, 2020

Office 365 Tips: What Tool To Use When

Updated June 2023

Office 365 offers a wide range of applications and productivity tools. The challenge lies in the fact that there are so many options – which is the best tool to use for what? Discover the purpose of each Office 365 application and learn how to use each tool to work more efficiently.


Office 365 Tips: Get More From the Office 365 Toolbox

Office 365 is an extremely powerful tool for organizations, offering a plethora of applications and productivity tools. However, that same range and versatility that makes it a one-stop business solution can also make Office 365 a bit daunting to get into. With so many options, what is the best tool for what job? In this post, we will talk you through the purpose of each Office 365 application, as well as some Office 365 tips, so you can discover how to use each tool to enhance your productivity.


Office 365 - SharePoint Online

What is it?

SharePoint Online is Office 365’s content management and collaboration platform.

What to use it for:

SharePoint Online can be used to host powerful and user-friendly intranet sites for organizations, as well as smaller sites designed for specific teams or projects. It allows you to easily create beautiful sites (without coding) and integrates seamlessly across all your other Office 365 tools.

Microsoft Office 365 - Microsoft SharePoint - Dashboard display on mobile and desktop
Image: Office 365 - SharePoint

Office 365 - Microsoft Outlook

What is it?

Microsoft Outlook is Office 365’s email and calendar app.

What to use it for:

Microsoft Outlook is the tool for managing your email and your appointment calendar. Outlook has robust tools for individual and group scheduling, as well as task lists and reminders.

Office 365 Mobile & Desktop View of Microsoft Outlook email inbox
Image: Office 365 - Microsoft Outlook - Desktop & Mobile.

Office 365 Online

What is it?

Office Online is the cloud version of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. It also includes Outlook.

What to use it for:

Office Online’s apps allow you and your team to create and co-author high-quality documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can simultaneously make changes to documents and share them from a browser. All you need is an internet connection and a browser to edit your documents, and you’ll be able to quickly pick up from where you left off in your last session.

Office 365: Microsoft Word 

Microsoft Word is the standard for word processing applications. If your team needs to create documents, they will be doing it in Word.

Office 365: Microsoft Excel 

Microsoft Excel allows you to create spreadsheets and analyze data.

Office 365: PowerPoint

Office 365’s PowerPoint allows you to create and display presentations, using formats ranging from basic slides to animations to video.

Office 365: OneNote 

OneNote is a productivity cloud app. As more and more organizations adjust to working with remote teams who are working across a variety of devices, you’ll likely find the need to capture information on the go is becoming increasingly important. OneNote allows Office 365 Online users to take notes on any device and then easily retrieve those notes from any other device.


Office 365: OneDrive

What is it?

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud-based storage. With an Office 365 Business subscription, you get up to 1 TB of cloud storage in OneDrive for Business.

What to use it for:

OneDrive allows you to store and share files securely online. A useful Office 365 tip is that you can also use it to remotely retrieve files on your computer with OneDrive Fetch – an exceptionally useful tool if you forgot to upload something to OneDrive. The host computer must have Fetch enabled for this to work.


MS Teams

What is it?

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that integrates people, content, and tools into a single platform. It’s the teamwork hub of Office 365.

What to use it for:

Pretty much everything! While quick and informal communication via chat is the basis of  MS Teams, you can also use it for scheduling, holding meetings, and placing calls. MS Teams also allows you to access many other integrated apps your team needs without leaving Teams. 

Overall, Microsoft Teams serves as a single pane into the rest of Office 365, making all the other programs (such as SharePoint, Outlook, and OneDrive) accessible with a single click from one user-friendly dashboard.

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Microsoft 365: MS Teams application: Live meeting on mobile and feed display on desktop
Image: Office 365 - Microsoft Teams - Desktop & Mobile View.

Office 365 Groups

What is it?

Office 365 Groups is the foundational membership service that drives all teamwork across Microsoft 365. It allows users to use a single identity across Office 365.

What to use it for:

With Office 365 Groups, you can give a group of people access to a collection of collaboration resources for those people to share. These include membership in Microsoft Teams, a shared Outlook inbox, a shared calendar, and access to SharePoint document libraries. This means you don’t have to manually assign permissions to each of these resources, because adding people to the group does it automatically.


Office 365: To-Do

What is it?

Microsoft To-Do is a task management app.

What to use it for:

Creating to-do lists is easy with Microsoft To-Do. To-Do helps you keep track of deadlines by adding reminders, due dates and notes. You can keep track of your tasks at-a-glance and on the go with the To-Do app.


Office 365: Kaizala

What is it?

Kaizala is a phone-number based secure mobile chat app, like the business version of WhatsApp. It can be used for internal and external communication.

What to use it for:

You can use Kaizala to connect and coordinate work across your network, whether it’s within your organization, or with vendors, partners, suppliers, and customers.


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