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August 30, 2021

Cohesive Management Experience with Tasks App in MS Teams

Task Management is integral to enable a collaborative space where employees track their deliverables and manage responsibilities efficiently. Microsoft Teams being the hub of enterprise collaboration also requires task management integrations to provide a unified experience to its users. Let us explore how organizations can achieve this experience by integrating the Tasks App with their MS Teams platform.

Managing Microsoft 365 Tasks in Microsoft Teams with MS Tasks App
Image: MS Tasks App in Microsoft Teams

Which Task Management Tool is Best for You?

There are several task management tools in Microsoft 365; each with its own way to accomplish efficient task management for your organization. Depending upon how your team chooses to manage tasks, projects, and collaboration you may choose one or more to be a part of your digital workplace.

Take a look at what’s available:

  • Microsoft Planner: for managing task delegation and collaboration with a team, MS Planner provides swift and poignant team tasks management while also integrating with To-Do and Tasks in Microsoft Teams. MS Planner is great for both agile and waterfall project management, especially for smaller teams.
  • Microsoft Lists: for a customized experience where you can control the task fields, options, layout, views, and so much more MS Lists is your go-to tool. MS Lists is great at managing things that aren’t really tasks, like inventory tracking, asset management, event itineraries, etc.
  • Microsoft To Do: for those who desire a centralized spot for listing your tasks, especially with easy-to-set push notifications, due dates, and reminders, MS To Do is great for managing your tasks on a day-to-day basis. It helps you build your schedule and is most suitable for personal tasks.
  • MS Tasks App in MS Teams: for an overview of all your tasks, perhaps in a list with columns, you’ll love utilizing the MS Tasks App in Microsoft Teams. It allows you to zero in on tasks by project and deliverables, integrating all your tasks from MS Planner, MS Lists, and MS To Do. Bonus, you never have to leave Microsoft Teams to see all this in one view.

Manage Tasks within Microsoft Teams

The Tasks experience brings together Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Lists (Outlook), and Microsoft To Do into Microsoft Teams, giving you one place to manage your collaborative plans and individual tasks. From being able to track tasks, manage documents, host meetings, white-boarding sessions, and keep all the project files in one place, MS Teams offers great value for your task management needs.


Integrating the MS Tasks App in MS Teams

The MS Tasks app is available both in the form of an app or as a tab in any channel of a team. What you need to make note of is that the app version provides tasks from Microsoft To Do and Microsoft Lists, as well as team tasks from Microsoft Planner, however the tab only includes the team tasks.

You can turn it on or off from the Manage Apps page in Microsoft Teams Admin Center. Follow these simple steps and get started:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center.
  2. From the left navigation, choose MS Teams apps and click on Manage apps.
  3. From the list of apps, search for the Tasks app.
  4. Select the Tasks app and choose the ‘Block’ or ‘Allow’ option to turn off or turn on the Tasks app for your organization.
  5. You can also enable or disable specific users from using Tasks. To make use of the option, the Tasks app needs to be enabled, and then set up a custom app permission policy for specific users.
Image: How to Add MS Tasks as an App in MS Teams

Core Features of Microsoft Tasks

There are two core parts of the MS Tasks app in Microsoft Teams:

  • My Tasks: This section shows the tasks that you have created or the ones that have been assigned specifically to you. It includes all tasks from your Microsoft To Do app and anything that you may have added in MS To Do and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Shared Plans: This section shows all collaborative tasks. Basically, anything Microsoft Planner plans that have been added to teams in Microsoft Teams.
Image: Organizing tasks in Microsoft Teams in the Microsoft Tasks App

Viewing and Organizing Tasks

  • Task Publishing is a key capability of MS Tasks in Microsoft Teams. This allows you to create tasks at the corporate level and target them towards frontline workers or to particular teams in your organization. You can define the plan of action to be accomplished in those specific teams in each published task.

Setting up Task Publishing: To enable Task Publishing in your Microsoft Teams environment remember that you need to set up a .CSV file of schema that defines the hierarchy of teams and how they are all related to each other and their filter and selection attributes in Microsoft Teams. 

microsoft teams - task publishing
Image: Microsoft Task Publishing across teams in Microsoft Teams
  • List View is among the most unique and powerful features of the MS Tasks app, enabling you to edit multiple tasks at once from both Microsoft To Do and Microsoft Planner. This isn’t something that is possible within MS Planner or MS To Do. Given this, an extra layer of flexibility is brought to task management with MS Tasks in Microsoft Teams.
  • Filtering Tasks has never been simpler. You have the option to filter tasks to get a quick overview of your pending responsibilities and priorities. ‘My Tasks’ lists can be filtered by due date and priority, and a ‘Shared Plan’ can be filtered by label, bucket, and assignment.

Once you start using the MS Tasks app in Microsoft Teams, there is no going back. Being able to coordinate, manage and track tasks, within MS Teams improves further user engagement and adoption of the tool. If you are not already reaping these benefits, the time to start is now!


Unified Collaboration Made Possible with Orchestry

Creating a standardized and steady experience in Microsoft Teams, Orchestry allows users to have a single touchpoint for all organizational collaboration needs. With Transparent Governance, Controlled Self-Service Provisioning, Informative Workspace Directory, and Pre-Configured Workspace Templating, Orchestry is the unified tool that makes work simple in Microsoft Teams for both admins and end users.

Not only task management but also effective communication, project coordination, and document management are all taken care of within Microsoft Teams with Orchestry. By making Orchestry a part of your digital workplace you are unlocking unparalleled productivity!

Take Orchestry for a spin and experience an all-new simplified Microsoft Teams experience with FREE access!

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