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November 23, 2022

What’s New in Orchestry (November 2022)

November has been a busy month for Orchestry! We grew and added some incredible talent to the team, released the much-awaited unparalleled Guest Management & Insights features to our partners and customers, and last but not least, we got funded! Read our blog for the roundup of all the news from the month of November.

Orchestry grew in numbers!


In November Orchestry brought two absolute powerhouses to the team.

Microsoft MVP Joy Apple joined Orchestry as the Director of Partner and Customer Success. Joy Apple is an information technologist who has been working with Microsoft products and technologies since 2008.
During her time as a SharePoint/Microsoft 365 consultant and trainer, Joy has had the opportunity to work with three of the branches of the US Armed Forces, several government agencies, and many Fortune 500 companies.

You may be surprised to learn that Joy went to college on Drama & Theater scholarship, but the glamour and shine of the IT world lured her away, eventually (we for one, are overJoyed with this turn of events).

Read more about Joy and what she hopes to bring to Orchestry in our blog.

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Another remarkable addition to our team in November was Rayna O’Neil, Orchestry’s Director of Sales and Partner Enablement. Rayna has been in technology and SaaS sales for nearly 2 decades now and she is a firm believer that one of the primary requirements of technology is to be accessible and unambiguous.

What, makes her an undeniable asset is her ability to identify business and process challenges (or, as some call them – opportunities) and find ways for technology to solve them, in a simple and streamlined way.

An interesting fact about Rayna is that she is obsessed with the northern lights and has been to Iceland 4 times in hopes of glimpsing their magical dance. Sadly, she has only seen them once, from the window of her plane.

Head over to our blog to read more about Rayna!

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Guest Management & Insights features are live!


One of the top frustrations we’ve heard from Microsoft 365 Admins is how little control over Guest Access they have with out-of-the-box functionality. In 2022 we went on a mission to change that by adding Guest Management and Insights features to Orchestry. After a few months of coding, testing, breaking, coding, and testing again, this November we launched the Guest Management & Insights features to our customers and partners and have been hearing some incredibly heartwarming feedback.

Read about these powerful features and what they can do for the management, reviews, and governance of Guests in your Microsoft 365 tenant in our blog.

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In November we also hosted a public launch and a live demonstration of the Guest Management & Insights features and were joined by hundreds of IT and system administrators, cloud and solution engineers, and architects from around the world. Make sure you watch the on-demand recording of the webinar to see these amazing features in action, presented by our CEO (and Janitor) Michal Pisarek, and our Director of Product Delivery David Francoeur.

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With this major release, we dedicated the month of November to create valuable and insightful content that will help IT Admins regain control of Guest management and external sharing in Microsoft 365.

Here is the roundup:

The ultimate guide: How to enable, disable, and configure external sharing & Guest access in Microsoft 365. This blog covers all the external sharing business scenarios and presents the exact steps to enable, configure or disable external sharing and Guest access at every authorization checkpoint.

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What should you know about the Guests in your Microsoft 365 tenant? This blog presents a roundup of all the details you should collect about Guests before (and after) letting them access the documents, resources, and apps in your tenant, and shows exactly how to do it.

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What are the default Guest permissions in Microsoft Teams? This blog introduces you to what the Guests in your Microsoft Teams will and will not be able to do, once invited and accepted, and shows you how to make changes to those settings.

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The ultimate guide to reviewing your Guests’ access in Microsoft 365. This blog shines a light on how to set up recurring Guest reviews in Microsoft 365 using PowerAutomate, and what the experience looks like for reviewers and administrators alike.

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How to review Microsoft 365 Guest access in 3 easy steps using Orchestry. This blog shows the alternative (and ridiculously easy) way to set up automated Guest review policies with the help of Orchestry’s Guest Management & Insights features.

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Orchestry gets funded!


In November 2022 Orchestry hit a major milestone – we received funding from Incredible Capital in the seed round led by former Nintex Co-Founder CEO Brian Cook and former Microsoft Executive Chris Johnson.

We built Orchestry frugally, focusing on building high-quality, intuitive features that solve real day-to-day problems, shying away from vanity metrics of success (like fancy offices, large sales teams, and advertisement budgets). 

Our culture of obsessing over what’s essential, combined with the investment from Incredible Capital, gives us the fuel to deliver on our vision of making Microsoft 365 accessible, effective and powerful for all.  

Read more details about this Incredible news in our blog!

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