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Case Study

Fund Evaluation Group Strikes SharePoint Online Migration Gold

Discover how Fund Evaluation Group effectively achieves SharePoint Migration objectives.

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What’s in it for Me?

Fund Evaluation Group is a full-service investment advisory firm that was looking for a more secure and modern experience than Classic SharePoint. The move to SharePoint Modern proved to be the next logical step while saving considerable money and man-hours.

The PAIT Group and Orchestry collaboration enabled Fund Evaluation Group to not only transition from Classic SharePoint to SharePoint Online but also carry out cost-effective customizations.

Take a look at how Orchestry's powerful and easy-to-use templating capabilities empower customers by circumventing manual tasks.

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Case Study highlights
  • 200 Hours of Enterprise Man-Hours saved.
  • $200,000 USD Cost Savings in less than a month.
  • 400% Time Saving on Per Portal Provisioning.