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Microsoft Teams for Education

Download the guide to learn how to effectively use Microsoft Teams for education. This free guide features 30+ pages dedicated to best practices, tips, and tricks you can implement today.

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What’s in it for Me?

We’ve gathered the best tips, tricks, and practices from Microsoft 365 MVPs who've effectively implemented Microsoft Teams in higher education institutions. Download this free 30+ page guide to learn how to:

  • Effectively use Microsoft Teams for education.
  • Implement the ideal Teams structure for various use cases.
  • Implement effective naming conventions.
  • Consolidate the tech stack with the help of Microsoft Teams
  • and more...
If you are looking for ways to streamline the management of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams in your higher education institution, get in touch with our team. 

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What's inside
  • Discover why Microsoft Teams stands out as the ultimate tool for transforming education and collaboration.
  • Learn how Teams simplifies the educational tech landscape, streamlining communication, collaboration, and resource sharing.
  • Gain insights into optimizing Teams' structure to create organized spaces for courses, projects, and departments.
  • Explore the importance of clear naming conventions and how they enhance usability and navigation in Teams.
  • Master lifecycle management of Teams, adapting to evolving needs while maintaining structure and efficiency.
  • Understand how Teams safeguards sensitive information and communications, ensuring a secure educational environment.
  • Learn best practices for managing Teams, user roles, and permissions, bolstering security and control.
  • Uncover advanced features such as integrations with OneNote and SharePoint, boosting collaboration and engagement.