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Features Sheet

Orchestry's Features

Download our features sheet to learn how you can expand your Microsoft 365 possibilities with Orchestry.

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What’s in it for Me?

Discover how Orchestry's many features can help you overcome common Microsoft 365 challenges and expand your Microsoft 365 possibilities.

Orchestry streamlines Microsoft Teams governance and accelerates adoption for end users, IT administrators, Microsoft partners, and organizations — making even the most non-technical members of your team feel like M365 experts.

Download the features sheet to learn more about Orchestry today!

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What's inside
  • A detailed breakdown of the most popular Microsoft 365 management solutions, including their key features, pricing, and user reviews.
  • Expert insights and recommendations based on our team's extensive research.
  • A comparison chart that allows you to easily compare and contrast the features and benefits of each management software.
  • Actionable tips and best practices for selecting, implementing, and optimizing your chosen Microsoft 365 management software.