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March 7, 2022

Fund Evaluation Group’s Journey to SharePoint Online

Fund Evaluation Group (FEG) is a US-based investment consulting firm with 35 years of experience managing endowments and foundations for non-profit organizations. With the help of PAIT Group, a Microsoft certified consulting firm, and Orchestry, an adoption and engagement tool for Microsoft 365, FEG was able to streamline its migration from SharePoint Classic to Modern SharePoint Online.

The idea was to modernize FEG’s existing processes by introducing solutions with templating and customization features to increase consistency, efficiency while keeping costs in check. Read more to find out how PAIT Group and Orchestry help resolve FEG’s existing process-related hurdles and set them up for success.


The Catalyst for Migration

For FEG, managing its client portal was extremely important. The information on client portals is critical to the functioning of the organization to provide full-service investment advice and empower clients. Therefore, it was necessary for them to transition from the current setup on Classic SharePoint towards a more secure and modern one on Modern SharePoint Online.

This change would allow them to have a technology-forward approach, which is engaging yet consistent across all client sites. It also doesn’t require them to maintain on-premises SharePoint servers. To make it a secure transition, PAIT Group set up multi-factor authentication on Modern SharePoint which allowed them to confidentially take a step towards a safe, modernized work environment.

FEG’s SharePoint Modernization Objective

Fund Evaluation Group’s main objective was to successfully migrate its client data from Classic SharePoint sites to the Modern SharePoint and to create modern and engaging templates to streamline the process for each of its client sites. Reliability and replicability were also key requirements for FEG. They wanted to bring in the change smoothly and effectively manage the migration process. Therefore, the templates had to be built in a way that adds value to FEG’s process and empowers its employees to serve the clients better.

For building templatized client sites that meet FEG’s needs, the PAIT Group joined forces with Orchestry to find a solution that would help manage and prepopulate FEG’s lists, libraries, and metadata for each site. In addition to that, they also had to think about forming interactive and engaging web parts that offer a customized experience and populate FEG client’s critical information such as account contact details, effortlessly.

With the help of Orchestry’s Pre-Built Workspace Templates, they were able to achieve this and scale up the results in no time, helping FEG save valuable costs and time – a 400% time saving per client portal.


Helping FEG with Change Management

Once everything was planned and going through the stage of implementation, it is equally important to ensure the employees within the organization are comfortable with the new technology.

To empower the employees and make it a smooth process for them to adapt to the change, Orchestry collaborated with the PAIT Group to help FEG prepare supporting documents such as instruction manuals and screenshots. These support materials were useful as they helped employees familiarize themselves with the new platform and grasp all the details with ease. This took the uncertainty out of the equation and FEG was able to gain the support of its employees.


The Path Forward for FEG

After the migration, the FEG team was able to create 500 client portals using Orchestry. This helped them save around 200 hours and an equivalent of $200,000, which they would have invested to hire an IT consultant to assist with a PowerShell script. At this rate, the FEG team is eager to onboard new clients and create at least 25 portals a year to facilitate them.

Now that the migration process is complete, it will be a natural transition for FEG to get into the governance phase of Orchestry and fully utilize its capabilities. In addition to this, FEG has also increased the scope of the project by adding a few other initiatives to the pipeline, such as:

Manager Site Migration: Planning a thorough process for migrating critical documents from research managers and creating a repository.

Site of Recording: Creating another site for all the recordings such as quality monitoring summaries and other reports that are stored on the SharePoint site.

Server Migration: Chalking out the process of migrating all servers online and making it cloud-based.

Image: Orchestry's Intelligent Governance in Microsoft Teams

Work Made Simple with Orchestry

Orchestry is a comprehensive tool that simplifies the adoption and governance process for organizations while dealing with the  Microsoft 365 environment. Its robust change management process provides support and guidance to businesses like yours to help support your employees and encourage them to drive engagement.

With the help of Orchetry’s Pre-Built Workspace Templates, Transparent Governance, and Self-Service Provisioning facilities, you can standardize internal processes, boost productivity, and save valuable time and costs. Not to mention, Comprehensive Lifecycle Management and Actionable Workspace Insights enable users and admins to better manage their collaboration platforms through a unified interface. Orchestry’s capabilities also help organizations invest time in future projects and work towards laying a strong foundation.

To dive deeper into Orchestry’s impact on Fund Evaluation Group’s seamless migration be sure to download the full customer case study or reach out to us at for more details.

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