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August 31, 2023

What’s New in Orchestry (August 2023)



New Features

Despite August being the last official month of summer (in Canada), Orchestry Product and Development teams absolutely crushed it delivering many new features and functionality. 

Custom Orchestry App Branding

One of the most noteworthy new features is the ability to "white-label" the Orchestry app branding in Microsoft Teams with a custom logo (icon) and a name. Why is that useful?

Let's imagine that organization X was using a Microsoft Teams provisioning engine in the past and it was called "Gateway". 

One day organization X decides that Gateway is no longer meeting their needs and decides to switch to Orchestry (rightfully so), but the last thing the management wants is to frustrate the end users with yet another app they have to learn where to find and how to use.

This is where Orchestry's custom white-label branding comes into play. The IT team can change the Orchestry logo to a logo of the app they have previously used, along with the name of it, and the end users won't question it twice, assuming that the user interface of the Gateway app they've grown to appreciate has changed (clearly, for the better 😉)

Frame 2

Orchestry Sponsors EduCon Seattle

MicrosoftTeams-image (164)In August Orchesty team in the face of our fearless CEO (and Janitor) Michal Pisarek, and our fabulous Director of Customer and Partner Success Joy Apple sponsored, attended, and presented at EduCon Seattle. Some of you may have had the pleasure of meeting them in person at one of the sessions they delivered, or attended. 

The next conference you will be able to find friendly Orchestry faces at is the ESPC23 conference in Amsterdam in November 2023. Make sure to follow us on our social media to stay up to date on the details of all the shenanigans we have planned for the conference!

Microsoft Teams for Higher Education

Orchestry dedicated the month of August to publishing a whole collection of insightful content aimed at educating (pun 100% intended) higher education institutions on how to effectively leverage Microsoft Teams.


  • Microsoft Teams Structure for Education - This blog will discuss the best practices for organizing the Teams environment in universities. It will cover the different use cases for Teams among students, faculty, alumni, and external users. Additionally, it will provide tips for managing channels and content effectively.





  • Consolidating Higher Education Technology Stack - With the rise of online courses, remote learning, and now, the evident push towards unified digital experiences, it’s clear that the digital transformation wave is here to stay. Amid this surge, the importance of a centralized, intuitive platform cannot be emphasized enough.


  • Simplifying Cybersecurity in Higher Education - Universities and colleges hold heaps of sensitive data and are prime targets for hackers. But the good news? The tech world is ready to fight back with tools like Microsoft Teams for Education and the M365 suite.


  • Free eBook: Microsoft Teams for Higher Education - Download the guide to learn how to effectively use Microsoft Teams for education. This free guide features 30+ pages dedicated to best practices, tips, and tricks you can implement today.

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