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February 1, 2022

Self-service SharePoint & Teams Provisioning with Orchestry

Let’s be honest Microsoft 365 is confusing with so many applications having overlapping functions. It is difficult to understand ‘what application to use when’ and for which business scenarios. To simplify the decision for the end users it is important to enable a SharePoint and Microsoft Teams provisioning process.

Orchestry recognized this gap when creating our Self-Service SharePoint and MS Teams Provisioning core capability. This allows users to create Workspaces (i.e. Microsoft Team, SharePoint Communication Site, SharePoint Hub Site) and select the features, documents, and ownership they need to collaborate seamlessly. Orchestry’s Workspace Provisioning/Creation Request Wizard was designed to guide users through the Workspace request process with business-first collaboration.


Comprehensive Workspace Request Workflow

Requesting Workspaces like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Sites are commonplace practices in organizations. It's crucial to ensure that the provisioned Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites are equipped to cater to their needs. This will help to maximize the potential of the tools provided and improve the overall user experience. Not to mention, IT administrators too could benefit from a friendly interface and the reduced burden of Team and site provisioning.

Orchestry makes it easy for users to create new Workspaces through Self-Service Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Provisioning. Each created SharePoint site and Team comes equipped with tools and features to meet the end users' business goals.

Making Teams and SharePoint online Provisioning intuitive is crucial for enabling and engaging users across various platforms.

workspace self-service provisioning approval workflow
Image: Microsoft 365 Workspace Provisioning Approval Overview in Orchestry

Why is Self-Service SharePoint and Microsoft Teams Provisioning Important?

Following a Self-Service MS Teams and SharePoint site Provisioning workflow guarantees that no unnecessary Workspaces are created. The approval process acts as a final check before creating the team, Microsoft 365 groups, or SharePoint site.

Orchestry's Self-Service MS Teams and SharePoint Online site Provisioning workflow keeps IT administrators informed during the creation process. IT administrators receive email and platform notifications when a Workspace is requested. This allows them to stay informed about the collaboration ecosystem at all times.

orchestry self service microsoftr 365 provisioning - setting up an workflow approval steps
Image: Setting up An Approval Workflow for Orchestry Microsoft 365 Workspace Provisioning

What can you do with Orchestry’s SharePoint and MS Teams Provisioning?

Orchestry's Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Provisioning service simplifies technical complexities for end users. The IT department of the organization gets to decide the set of tools they want to make available. End users can make business-oriented Workspace requests with Orchestry's SharePoint and Teams Provisioning, even without technical expertise.

Integrate Metadata

Orchestry allows users to create custom metadata-included Workspaces. This happens when they enter the information at the Microsoft Teams or SharePoint site creation stage.

configure microsoft 365 workspace provisioning with metadata in orchestry
Image: Adding Metadata to Microsoft 365 Workspace Provisioning

Attach Microsoft 365 Governance Policies

Orchestry enables you to attach and define Microsoft 365 governance policies to your collaborative Workspaces as they evolve and refine. The platform also offers an administrative override option to speed up Workspace approvals. This allows for quick edits or corrections to requests, without having to start the Team or SharePoint provisioning process from scratch. This gives administrators sufficient control to manage the request and ensure the asset is compliant with organizational and M365 tenant policies.

orchestry microsoft 365 workspace provisioning - approving workspace requests
Image: Microsoft Teams Approving Provisioned Workspace Requests

Reduce Microsoft Teams Sprawl

Orchestry addresses the problem of abandoned Teams by enabling the inclusion of default owners and members in the Teams and SharePoint site provisioning workflow.

Additionally, Orchestry makes it easy to manage duplicate teams by allowing users to see naming policies when creating a Workspace.

Orchestry enforces naming conventions to prevent Workspace sprawl. It automatically checks for similarly named public and private Workspaces before creating the Team or site.

microsoft teams and microsoft 365 workspace provisioning with default owners
Image: Orchestry Microsoft 365 Workspace Provisioning with Default Microsoft Teams Owners

Track Approval

The Orchestry Management tab displays a clear approval timeline that helps IT administrators track the approval process.

Orchestry's post-provisioning features, such as the progress console and log, enable IT staff to monitor collaboration assets in use effectively.

orchestry approval workflow for microsoft 365 workspace provisioning
Image: Orchestry Microsoft 365 Workspace Provisioning Approval Interface for IT Admins.

Enhanced Microsoft 365 Management with Orchestry

There is so much more to Orchestry than just Teams and SharePoint provisioning. Orchestry's capabilities address common challenges faced by users and administrators to alleviate pain points.

Beyond provisioning, Orchestry offers Pre-Built Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Templates that promote consistency and ease of use for all Workspaces.

Orchestry's Microsoft 365 Workspace Directory logs all communication assets and enhances the findability experience of Workspaces in Office 365.

Orchestry has built capabilities to truly make work simple in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and across Microsoft 365. The Transparent Microsoft 365 Governance in Orchestry eliminates bottlenecks and provides a balanced, transparent approach to maintaining compliance and consistency.

Orchestry's Comprehensive Lifecycle Management and Actionable Workspace Insights capabilities surpass the out-of-the-box functionalities of Microsoft 365.

Orchestry’s empowering core capabilities drive adoption and enablement in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft 365. If you want a simple way to manage and adopt Microsoft 365 governance, Orchestry is the tool you need. You can take the tool for a test drive by requesting free access today!

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